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Judd Wire Inc.

Judd Wire is a high technology wire company, specializing in the use of electron beam cross-linked thermosets for wire insulation. By applying irradiation cross-linked technology to insulating materials, Judd Wire meets the needs of the wire and cable industry for economical, high-performance products.

Judd Wire manufactures electronic wire and cable in over 100 styles recognized by Underwriters Laboratory, Canadian Standards and/or Military Specifications.

Judd Wire is an integrated designer, manufacturer, and test facility for Aerospace wire and cable.  We work to create a combination of design choices for our customers that allow them the best choice of materials and performance attributes for their unique applications.


Judd New England Distributors

Product Applications

Our products include both military and commercial airframe wiring, lightweight avionics wiring, data bus cables, non-halogenated jacketed cables for In Flight Entertainment systems, Fly By Wire flight control cables, reduced diameter cables for satellites, and custom cables for military ground equipment and missiles.

As a complete integrated wire and cable manufacturer, Judd Wire can design a broad spectrum of special applications for OEM or replacement applications in the Automotive Industry. We can work within given specifications or create a combination of construction choices for our customers that allow them the best choice of material and performance attributes for their unique needs.

  • Electronics

  • Aerospace

  • Flexible Flat Cable

  • Automotive

  • Telecommunications

  • Rail Transit


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