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Coin Cell Batteries & Holders and Rechargeable LI Cells & Packs  

Renata is a Swiss company that is recognized worldwide as the leading producer of quality miniature silver oxide, alkaline and lithium coin cell batteries. Renata produces the world’s largest variety of superior quality lithium batteries and battery holders. Renata also offers coin cell with standard tabs or customized tab configurations.

New offerings from Renata include a standard line of 3.7V lithium-ion polymer rechargeable batteries. These new products feature rechargeable cells and packs with high energy densities in low profile prismatic and flexible form factors. Renata will also provide custom sizes and densities.

Renata has a superior quality assurance system that ensures consistent high quality and top performing battery products. Every stage of their process is tightly controlled, from inspection of incoming raw materials through testing of finished product.


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