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FFC & Flat Component Products

SUMI-CARD® is used in numerous electronic products applications. SUMI-CARD® provides space and weight savings, while providing easy connection with many connector systems.


Judd Wire SUMI Card
Gold Plate SUMI-CARD® Gold Plate SUMI-CARD® provides tin-whisker free performance.

Judd Wire Gold Plated SUMI Card
Shielded SUMI-CARD® Shielded SUMICARD® is ideal for high-speed signal transmission when signal noise can be problematic. Shielded SUMICARD® for high-speed applications provides electrostatic shielding within the SUMICARD® construction.

Judd Wire Shielded SUMI-card
JUMPER LEAD can be used for round or square connectors. JUMPER LEAD provides a method for solder connection with a PCB. Higher current rated versions are available for JUMPER LEAD round wire constructions.

Judd Wire Jumper Lead
TAB LEAD is used as the lead wire for Lithium ion battery systems. TAB LEAD can also be used in double layer capacitors (Aluminum laminated film for outer package of capacitor). TAB LEAD provides the solder connection with the PCB. This product provides high battery electrolyte durability and sealing reliability.

Judd Wire TAB Lead


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